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English is a very important subject in the 9th class. It is necessary for students to have good concepts about it. Here, students can find a 9th class English book PDF for their annual exams. Besides that, they will also find the 9th class English notes and question answers on our website. So, it is recommended that students should study this subject with full determination and concentration.



Pros of English 9th class book by PTBB

Pros of the English 9th class book by PTBB are given below.

  • All the chapters are explained in very easy language.
  • A huge number of exercises are present in the book which makes the learning process simple.
  • All the chapters are explained at length so that there is no confusion left for the students.
  • It has good example dialogues, idioms, and proverbs which help you improve your vocabulary and knowledge of grammar in an easy way.
  • Formats, charts, and figures are pretty easy to grasp.Read PDF online
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Pros and Cons of Having a PDF book?

PDF books have a lot of advantages over paper, so I decided to go through all the advantages and disadvantages of PDF books.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, a file format that was created by Adobe Systems in 1993. It’s become a standard for document exchange thanks to its ability to be read on any system with the appropriate software (most systems come with Adobe Reader or similar software now).


Cost-Effective: This is pretty obvious. The cost of printing and distributing is much less than a physical book. You can even find a pdf book for free.

Size: A PDF book is just a file on your computer or e-reader. You don’t need shelves and space to store it.

Readability: You can make changes to the font size and contrast, making the text easier to read for people with learning disabilities and vision problems.

Storage: The same as above – you don’t need shelves or storage for your PDF books! If you’re worried about losing your e-books, you can always print out a copy and put it in storage until you need it again. Or you can save it on Cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Easier to share: PDFs are easy to create and share.

Convenient. Ebooks can now be read on almost any device, and that’s the beauty of it. A reader no longer has to carry a huge book or several books around, but can instead carry their entire library in the palm of their hand, in their pocket or purse, etc.

Easy Access. An ebook can be downloaded from anywhere in the world instantly and without waiting for any postal delays, or customs fees if it was purchased from another country.


Difficult to Read: PDF books are not the best option for reading because they are very uncomfortable, difficult to read, and cause eye fatigue.

Hard to focus: Reading an ebook requires you to focus on the screen all the time, but when you read paper books, you can see only one page at a time which gives your eyes a rest. Furthermore, mobile has a lot of things/features to distract you.


Difficulty in Organizing them: Finally, having all those books on your hard drive takes up space and makes it more difficult to organize your collection.


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